Drop Ceiling Installation

We have years of commercial and residential experience installing drop / suspended / T-bar ceilings.

Our expertise include but not limited to:
– Pharmacies
– Banquet Halls
– Fast Food Restaurants
– Custom Homes
– Basements

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Call us: 289 888 2323

Call us: 289 888 2323

Offering you a competitive price, we provide free electronic (PDF) estimates within hours of the first visit.

Our fine work is a result of experienced installers (we take pride in), state-of-the-art tools and design software that assist us in customizing the outlook as per client’s needs.

We ensure client satisfaction and stand by our commitment to provide best quality at the most affordable rate!

Our satisfied clients:

Ballers Bistro


Rico Electric


TAJ Banquet Halls

and many more commercial and residential clients

Why suspended / drop ceiling system?

– With a suspended / drop ceiling, you cut your cost significantly compared to the conventional drywall ceiling
– Drop ceilings give you access for electrical, plumbing or HVAC work if needs be
– It is easy to replace drop ceiling panels in case of an accidental water damage.
– Drop ceiling can give you a modern, cozy, elegant, classy, and a very professional look
– There are optional sound proofing insulation sheets that are dust free, itch free and fiberglass free. Best for medical units and schools!
– We also install Class A Fire Rated ceiling tiles – which means your complete grid and the tiles can be Class A fire rated!
– You can always add or remove your fixtures such as lights, alarms, motion sensors or cameras.
– You can re-design the look whenever you want just by changing the tiles (with some wiring if needed for fixtures)
– Ceiling tiles come in various types and colors – making it a very good option for those who want to give their ceiling a different look within one area – you can have black tiles for a theatre area and white tiles for a gym section within the same grid.


Our experts can help you identify which system works best for your needs.

Contact us with the following information for a quick rough estimate:

– location (major intersection or address)
– room count and size(s) per room
– grid system (2×2 or 2×4)
– current ceiling / joist height (do we need ladders or have scissor lift access)
– drop ceiling height (how high will be the drop ceiling from the ground)
– timeframe (when would you like the job started/completed)
– is there any site plan?
– are the walls cement blocks or drywall

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Contractors: We welcome contractors for commercial and residential accounts. We do not deal with your client until and unless specified by you. All work will be done by UNMARKED uniform personnel and vehicles (upon request).

!Insured and WSIB covered!

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